Poetry Facts and Trivias

Poetry is one of the type of literature that is loved by many. There are also many famous poets that are known around the world. Poetry is a beautiful way to express emotions in words and to also let the imagination flow and be creative. Poetry is harder for many because they focus on one type of it. It is said that poetry has many types of poems. It can reach the number of fifty. But there are common ones that are usually made.

The short version that is intriguing is the haiku poetry. That is recognized worldwide as part of poetry. It is already an ancient poetry and even syllables should be able to be met. There is also the sonnet where you have to make it rhymes but it is considered a short one. It has 14 lines to be a complete one. One of the type that you can do first so that you can try doing poetry before trying the other types is the free verse poems. This is not modern as it has been already in the world for not just ten years or twenty years but already hundreds of years.

Even if it has no rhyme in it but it is a way to express something. That is why there are many who also write poem using this type of poetry. Even those who had written poems themselves do not expect that they would gain much praise but the understanding and the meaning.