Essence of Literature

Do you value literature personally? Why do you think literature is important? From the time that we can understand, we can hear stories that are written by various authors. They could be short stories as is common for children stories. Those stories are very helpful for the child’s development. In that case alone, literature is important. As children can be able to learn many things through short stories, we can say that it is one important of literature.

As children grow, they can read more various forms of literature like novels that are longer as compared to children short stories. Around the world, there are already writings that were written by authors from the long time ago that is being read until now. It is not just in short stories but also in poetry and other genres of literature. They could be based on true events in a person life or they could be fiction. There are even famous characters in fiction that were written.

Through literature, our minds can learn things that we have not seen and known. We can have the creative imagination that could help the development of a person ability. Literature is also needed to relieve stress and receive entertainment. Even if you do not live in your house or office, you can just read and it is proven to be effective. it can give the effect of being calm and lower the stress level. If you cannot sleep well at night, you can also read something before going to sleep.